September 23, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar...

is the most disgusting crap ever!
Heather, one of my bosses at work if you drink two tablespoons it eats your fat and that her boyfriends mother has done it eveyday for years and she is really skinny. She must have like the gag reflexes of Jesus! When I was at the grocery store buying it I thought everyone was exaggerating on how bad it could be. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted, I almost threw it back it up. Sad thing is I'm considering continueing doing. I just have to figure out how to, ya know, not throw up. And what to do when it makes my tummy feel all weird.
Have you ever seen the show Best Week Ever, well it's been
The Worst Week Ever.*
Saturday: It just was looong and people were rude. Then when I got home Marilyn had gone missing. I cried for 2 1/2 hours until we found her. Then a lady thats 5'3" and 215 called me fat.
Sunday: I went riding around in Abilene again but it was really busy and people were driving sucky which stressed me out. And then I hit a curb and it slashed my tire. Jose had to come over and help. I now owe my father $118. He wasn't really mad though. Which is surprising.
Monday: Nobody likes Mondays because they always suck.
Tuesday: This is sad but hilarious due to that it would happen to me. I accidently pulled out my eyelashes. Thats right, half my eye is BALD, BALD I TELL YOU! (:
And well at the moment: I keep burping and tasting apple cider vinegar. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I'm hoping tomorrow is gonna be better and I knooooow Friday is gonna rock because Fridays are my favorite day of the week lately.
Oh and ironically enough my English paper turned out to be a HUGE self-esteem booster. (:
(I'll post it later.:] )
Anywho its shower time. Later fellas!(:

September 14, 2009

"Why aren't there any normal Mexicans?"

"Because all our ancestors spiked our blood lines with tequila."

So I had the best dream ever concerning my future husband David Henrie(See below.) It is way to long to explain when I'm this hyped up, so ask me about it later.(:

And it's hard to contain the teenage hormones with this next one!

He's just sooo pretty/

Anywho, have I mentioneed I hate accounting? Cause I do, with a firey passion! And college Algebrqa, I never do my homework and bomb the quizzes. Although I can't to write my College English essay! I love english, haha. And I'm going to the weight room today! Yayyyy!(:

Okay so now its after school, heh heh. I spent the entire afternoon jamming out and cleaning. I love when I get in those moods.(: I feel productive. And I finally made my dad fix my playstaion so I can start using my work out videos again, and not to mention to start getting thin like I was before school started! I will be skinny! Hahaa.

It's actually not that I'm fat or anything, I can just stand to lose some weight, alot of weight. And speaking of that, my parents apparently think I'm anorexic. My parents ask me 20 questions whenever I don't eat when I'm not hungry and my mother keeps telling me why its important to eat.

"I'm not hungry, I don't think I'm gonna eat lunch."

"You need to eat, the whole not eating thing just makes you bigger because the body stores fat, trust me I tried that when I was your age in highschool."

Um, okayy? But trust my parents have also been the first to tell me whenever I gain weight.

Anyways I keep forgeting to call my oral surgeon. I'm supposed to have surgery on homecoming, and I'm gonna be ALL KINDS uh drugged up! So this is not gonna happen, there is no way I'm missing my senior homecoming. Oh and:

I get my license in 8 days!

That is, if I find my packet! I can't believe I lost it. I've checked everywhere. I told my parents I found it so they'd chil but I think they secretly took it because I searched the whole house and can't seem to find it! ):

Well I'm off I gotta get started on my essay for english!(: