September 14, 2012


So, it's been a while since I've blogged but now that I actually have things to blog about I have decided to start again. I recently moved to El Paso which I thought would be the bane of my existence but little did I know that it would be wonderful. I moved in with my cousin Diana and her husband John. They are the kind of people when I get older. They are so sweet, caring, and so much fun! I've already done so much since I've been here, which I'll go into detail about shortly. Most of all I love being around my family. I go to my grandmothers every Sunday to see my 93-year-old great grandmother, my grandpa and the rest of my great aunts and uncles. My immediate family has never really been family oriented so it feels fantastic to be around people that make me feel wanted ant that love and care for me no matter what.

Those are just pictures I've taken over the last few weeks. I've had such a surprisingly good time since I've been in El Paso. I love the fact that since I've been here my lifestyle has become a lot healthier. I do a lot of hiking, biking, and even biking! My cousin's husband John is kind of an organic health nut! My most surprising health adventure so far is Vegan Wednesday! It's been very interesting and actually quite delicious! 

Now about school, besides UTEP's astounding capability to avoid directly answer any question or help you may need I've really enjoyed UTEP. I've made quite a few friends but I met three on my first day and we all just clicked, talk about kismet.

The things we do for free food. This is actually just after we met at a stand at UTEP  giving awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving. It doesn't show our other two buddies Juan and Amanda, but we're all in Political Science teacher. I'm not really close with anyone in any of my other classes excluding my History class. I had an unsuccessful movie night on Saturday that was rescued by Jesus and Ashley with bowling, pizza, and a borrowed game of Deepest Darkest Secrets! So far El Paso has been awesome and I can't wait for more.

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